woensdag 17 november 2010

Moving Blog!

I'm moving the blog to wordpress!


Code Completion added to Deditor

Something I thought would take much longer has been done in less than 2 days!

I've added a new plugin which handles code completion, this means that when you type a module name and you press the dot (f.e. os.path)  there will appear a list with options and you can select the prefered option (in this case path).

It works for every module that the currently opened file can open.

Continue to the next item on my list (https://blueprints.launchpad.net/deditor)  is improving the projects system and making it more kickass! :D  I'm going to sketch this during school and I hope I can finish it this weekend.  Next week will be to do improve the inspect module (if I do this after all) and to add translations.  The week after that will be creating some plugins which will be disabled by default (in contrast to the plugins I've created untill now)

maandag 15 november 2010

Plugins for Deditor!

The Plugin System (DPlug) is reality.

I've already changed the projects and python specific things in a seperate plugin so you can also easily disable those if you don't need them.

the only thing a plugin needs to communicate with deditor is the function:

def dplug(instance):
    #some action f.e. opening a certain file with the deditor open function:

That's everything you can create classes, etc you just need to call instance or whatever you name it to communicate with deditor or another plugin

Instance overview:

instance.main <= this is the GUI object   (deditor.DEDITOR)
instance.mainmodule <= this is the main module   (deditor)
 (note that instance.mainmodule.DEDITOR = instance.main)

instance.run(self, func, name = "", args = None)
  this will run the function "func" from the module "name" (if none given instance.main will be assumed)
  and pass optional arguments

instance.get_module(self, name)
   this will return you the module object when given a name.

That's everything you need to know!

some examples:

Add a menu to the menubar:

gui = instance.main #just to make it simple
projectsmenu = wx.Menu()
menuid = wx.NewId()
projectsmenu.Append(menuid, "New Project")

gui.menu.Append(projectsmenu, "Projects")
gui.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, lambda event: new_project(), id=menuid)

Opening a new empty tab: instance.main.new_file()
Opening the File Open Window: instance.main.open_file()
Opening a file with a certain path: instance.main.editfl(path)

If you have the courage to dive further into the deditor.py method's you can use those as well :)

(A better documented version of both dplug and deditor will be available in the far futur ;) )

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Deditor 0.2.3

After the huge success of deditor 0.2.2 I'm very excited to work on the next release, it will be a very important release which will add a lot of things

Current Direction (in order of importance)

- Adding a "Plugin"-system for both the core features and the third-partie plugins.  Also for core features because this will hold the main code clean and clear

- Support Code-Completion for Python.  This will support every imported module in the file you're editing

- Improve the Projects system + fix the bugfix

- Improve the Inspect System

- Support translations

zaterdag 6 november 2010

Deditor 0.2.2: projects and inspect

Deditor 0.2.2 is released (the beta)

It adds the use of projects, a project is a set of files which you can open all at once to make development much faster and easier.

I also added the inspect module so you can "inspect" python files

For more information visit launchpad: http://launchpad.net/deditor

I also uploaded a video to introduce you to deditor:


zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Deditor get's syntax-highlighting!

Yes you read it good, deditor now has syntax-highlighting, and not only for python this time, it now supports 78 programming languages.

It will take some time untill you will be able to use the new feature because it has to be backported to minimal D and there has to be some checks for bugfixes etc...

A new version of deditor and the third alpha of minimal D are in production!
So be prepared for some new stuff and if you would like an awesome feature, tell us!

maandag 27 september 2010

Minimal D Alpha 2 Available for download

Okay, there is nothing to add to the list of new things from yesterday except of some bugfixes. so you can download a .deb or .tar.gz from launchpad and launch it easily.

I will post some screenshots to show you how it looks like:

This is the main screen on startup with deditor and DFm (file-manager)

This is the screen you get when you press on the arrow for ftp
Notice the arrow changed direction
And I also closed DFm,
which made it impossible to reach the DFm config-menu

Here I pressed on the "start" ftp button,
you can now use the buttons on the left to add,delete,upload
download,... files and/or folders

This is the DFm-config menu with the clipboard.

The clipboard is btw something special which I will explain:
you can cut or copy files to this "clipboard", if you cut a file it will be removed and be copied to a special directory Minimal creates.  If you copy a file, the full path to this file is stored to reduce the ammount of used space.  If you press the "paste" button, the currently selected file: "missing_music.ded" in this case will be pasted to the directory in DFm.   You don't have to worry about whether the file has been copied or cutted, minimal will arrange this for you.